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Berry Paving & Concrete Construction Co., Inc. has listed our standard FAQ and specifications for asphalt paving, concrete paving, site works, and turn-key projects in Woodbridge, Stafford, Lorton, Springfield, Alexandria, Annandale, Arlington, Fairfax, McLean, Tysons, Manassas, Centreville, Chantilly and all of Northern VA. Locally owned and operated for almost 40 years, we work hard to provide our customers with their paving and concrete needs at competitive rates.


Owners acting as their own general contractor are considered by Berry Paving (BPCC) to be the "builder or contractor" and will be referred to as such with respect to our web site. The owner is responsible for being on the job site to verify plans and conditions, and also for being available throughout the job to answer questions as to on-site changes. The owner is also liable for any rework or additional expense incurred by BPCC as a result of incorrect plans or instructions.

Permits and Fees

It is the owner’s responsibility to obtain and pay for any and all necessary permits for work to be performed by BPCC. A copy of the building permit should be posted on the job site prior to the start of work. An approved set of plans should be on site at all times.


BPCC provides estimates at no cost to the owner. The estimate is not a quote nor is it a guarantee. Please review the estimate carefully as it outlines the scope and details of work to be performed. The slope of the site, depth of excavation, discovery of rock, poor soil conditions, etc. may affect the scope of work that we are required to undertake and add to the cost of the project.

Work Orders

Before work can begin, owner must sign a work order at the bottom of the proposal acknowledging receipt of standard specifications. The work order also informs BPCC if the owner uses waiver agents.


Lengths are determined by measuring to the longest dimension each way. All dimensions 4" and over are rounded up to the next full foot.

Concrete Color

BPCC cannot guarantee the color of concrete. Concrete color may vary with each load of concrete. Colored concrete may be used with the additional cost paid by the owner.

Access To Site

Owner must provide access to the work site. If site access is limited and/ or wet conditions exist, either of which may require gravel, extra grading, towing, concrete pumps or cranes, the additional cost will be passed along to the owner. BPCC cannot be responsible for damage to roads, curbs, sidewalks and landscaping caused by the movement of heavy equipment. If the form trucks cannot reach the excavation the owner will be charged for the extra labor to carry forms.


It is the responsibility of the owner to protect adjacent surfaces, landscaping, etc. from concrete splatter or other damage during the course of BPCC completing ordered work. Owner will call Miss Utility if utilities are nearby.

Private Inspections

Several localities now require independent inspections of completed asphalt and concrete work. BPCC may also require inspections when scheduling warrants. The costs of all private inspections will be passed on to the owner.

Extra Steel

Prices for extra steel include material and labor. When computing the amount of extra steel add for dowels, overlaps, etc. The owner will be charged for the linear footage of extra steel installed.


Concrete Mix: 3000 P.S.I.

Reinforcing: Wire Mesh

Size: 4” Concrete with 4” gravel, 6 mil vapor barrier and Wire mesh.

Finish: Power Trowel or Broom Finish

Slabs will be installed to conform to National Association of Homebuilders standards as referenced in their Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, Third Edition. The slab shall not have pits, depressions, or areas of unevenness exceeding 3/8-inch in 32 inches, except where the floor or portion of the floor has been designed for specific drainage purposes.


Concrete shrinks slightly as it cures (dries out) and contracts and expands with temperature changes. Due to the density of the walls and the fact that they are bound by the footing and at corners, cracks are not uncommon. The horizontal steel included in our walls works as temperature steel – not to eliminate cracks but to make them smaller so waterproofing will cover them. Another approach is to install control joints in the walls to attempt to make them crack at specific points. If this method is used there will typically be fewer, but larger, cracks that will need special attention when waterproofing. Minor cracks in concrete floor slabs are normal. Cracks exceeding 3/16-inch in width or 3/16-inch in vertical displacement shall be repaired if the slab is in conditioned space or the crack interferes with the installation of finish flooring.


BPCC cannot guarantee exact dates of starting or finishing jobs. Many variables affect our schedule such as weather, personnel, site conditions etc. It is therefore impossible to guarantee exact dates, but we will make every effort to meet schedules. Please allow 3-4 weeks for initial scheduling of your project.

Correcting Work

BPCC conforms to the owners' plan. The owner will be charged for corrections caused by lack of information or incorrect information on plans. A minimum trip charge of $225.00 will be added to the cost of this rework. The owner is responsible for the inspection of our work and must notify us immediately if it does not conform to the plans so that the appropriate corrections can be made. BPPC is not responsible for corrections to work by other tradesmen if we have not been notified of deficiencies in our work and been given adequate time to schedule and make corrections, prior to other trades beginning work.

Clean Up

BPCC will remove all lunch trash and small debris created by the crew. Scrap lumber will be placed in the builders designated scrap pile. Concrete and pump trucks will wash out on site, which will be left for the owner’s disposal at backfill.

Payment Terms

Payment is due within five days of the completion of work, unless other arrangements have been made. A service charge of 1 ½% per month will be added to invoices not paid within 30 days of completion of work. The owner will pay all collection expenses including court cost and legal fees, if necessary.


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